A SHOUT OUT TO: Pepsico’s CEO: Indra Nooyi

A SHOUT OUT TO: Pepsico’s CEO: Indra Nooyi

A SHOUT Out to Indra Nooyi Chief Executive Officer of PepsiCo indra.nooyi@pepsico.com “NO MORE Conflict Palm Oil in our kids food” RAN.org Video by THE ENVIRONMENT TV Filmed in Greenwich, CT @ The Stroller Brigade Tuesday September 9, 2014 ETV staff credits Videographer………………Charlie Olson Editing………Charlie Olson Editing………John P. Duffy, Jr.

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ETV Interviews Zephyr Teachout, Democratic Primary Candidate for Governor of NYS, 2014

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Zephyr Teachout spoke at a town hall meeting in Manakating, Sullivan County and was then interviewed by ETV and Bruce Ferguson about her views, vision and plans on Fracking, Climate Change, Energy’s job market, Toxic Waste, NYS’s ability to go 100% renewable and more. Primary candidate Teachout has won two attempts to knock her off September 9th’s Democratic Primary ballot. An Associated Press release stated that there are no more plans to appeal these court decisions. The Interview included:
-Climate Change: The Science Is In
-NYS can lead on Renewables
-Renewables= more jobs, Fracking= less jobs
-Fracking is a false promise and a dangerous promise
-Fracking puts a damper on Upstate NY’s Agricultural development
-Fracking is not a jobs plan; it’s a Toxic plan
-Gov. Cuomo has been swayed by his big money donors or he’d ban Fracking NOW and ban its Waste products from being transported into NYS

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Utah Tar Sands Resistance


Utah Tar Sands Resistance

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Utah Tar Sands Resistance
Utah Tar Sands Resistance

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Support Utah Land Defenders!

Utah Tar Sands

After a massive direct action protest today at the site of U.S. Oil Sands’ tar sands strip-mining site, a total of 21 were arrested and are currently awaiting charges at Uintah County Jail in Vernal, Utah. In addition to protestors, those acting as legal observers, independent media, and jail support were arrested, as well as several indigenous and trans individuals whose safety we are deeply concerned about.

Early this morning land defenders locked themselves to equipment being used to clear-cut and grade an area designated for the tar sands’ companies processing plant, as well as a fenced “cage” used to store the equipment. Others formed a physical blockade with their bodies to keep work from happening, and to protect those locked-down…

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